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Ozone injection is the last treatment before ozonated product water is used. Install our tanks as follows:

  • The injection tank can be installed that the water can be supplied by gravity or it can be installed on the floor with a pump.
  • Install a ball valve in the water inlet line before the electric valve. The valve is used to control the flow of water supplied to the injection tank.
  • Two outlets for the treated water are provided at the base of the injection tank. These outlets are used for supply.
  • A 1" or 1.5" off-gas vent is provided on the top of the injection tank. Install a vent line to the outside, including a supplied in-line filter.
  • A 2" outlet located on the side of the injection tank near the top is provided for installation of an overflow line. Install a water trap in the line so that water may flow out, but air is not permitted to flow back into the tank.
  • Technicians can perform in-plant consultations to ensure proper installation and training. All parts are in stock and can be delivered quickly.
  • Below is a display of a sample installation, however, Hess Machine International can design an ozone contacting system designed for your specific needs.

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