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We're proud of our 30+ year history, which brings with it experience. Experience not only with the manufacture of our product, but its operation as well. Hess Machine International employees have a combined 50+ years in the ozone industry. This also means leadership.

Today, ozone has many expanded uses. Ozone is used in process water disinfecting, food processing, public water systems, waste treatment, petrochemicals, and cooling towers. Recently Hess Machine International has been working with Alternative Environmental Solutions, AES, on a new technique in environmental remediation that uses ozone injection to neutralize MTBE contaminated sites.

Outstanding Service

  • Technicians are always available to answer your questions from 7:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday eastern standard time.
  • Our equipment is user-friendly and the necessary service can be done by your own staff.
  • We also provide technical service at your location when requested.
  • Our technicians also make a Hess Maintenance Tour annually to our customers located along the eastern seaboard.
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